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[The occasional briefing papers of the Asian Indigenous and Tribal Peoples Network]


Briefing Papers in 2003

  • II/07/03, June 2003:
    Human rights violations in the name of indigenous peoples in Arunachal Pradesh
  • II/06/03, May 2003:
    Impunity galore in Papua
  • II/05/03, April 2003
    Indigenous World and the 59th UNCHR
  • II/Special Briefing Paper, 01 April  2003:
    War in Iraq: The Damocles sword on the Commission on Human Rights
  • II/04/03, February-March 2003:
    POTA Raj in Adivasi Heartland: Misuse of anti-terror law in Jharkhand state of India
  • II/03/03, January 2003:
    The Chittagong Hill Tracts Peace Accord: Squandering the Peace and Human Rights Dividends
  • II/02/02, December 2003:
    Draft Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples- The dump squib of the International Decade ( Spanish version )
  • II/01/02, November 2003:
    Persecution of Indigenous Hill Peoples of Vietnam
  • The use of UN human rights mechanisms by indigenous peoples: Past practices and emerging challenges, May 2002

  • PFII: Perspectives and Challenges, April 2002

  • The World Bank Defaults on Past Promises, October 2001

  • The WCAR: Looking Beyond Apartheid, January 2001

  • Permanent Forum: Chasing the mirage , May 2001

  • Stop continuing repression in the Chittagong Hill Tracts, April 1998


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